No work started….

No work completed….

No full refund of deposit….

No response from any calls this week….

so I guess we’re heading to small claims court.


Cinco Roofing/Marty still owes me almost half of my deposit. He won’t return my calls and this site will stay up for the duration. Come on Marty, do the right thing.

Well the Monday date for the delivery of the balance of my money has come and gone. Granted it snowed last night and has made life a little more difficult for all of us. However, the phones still work and once again Marty Hill is still using his phone selectively.

I called and as usual left a message. As usual, Marty has failed to return my call. It’s now several hours later and the blog is going public again. I felt bad for Marty after he dropped off the partial payment. So on the off chance that he and Cinco roofing are merely incompetent as opposed to criminal, I made this blog private to give Marty a chance to make it right. Well….

To be honest I have pretty much written off the rest of the money, figuring I should be happy to get any of my deposit back considering the history of Marty Hill and Ace Roofing and Chimney (his last company). Well I am not happy and so the blog continues.

Marty called and left several messages on my wife’s phone last night (Fri. 12/10/2010) while she was working. I returned the call late and left a message. This Morning Marty called again and said he had $500 of our money and would bring it by at my workplace today at 12:15 pm.

Well 12:15 came and went, and 1:15, and 2:15, and 3:15, and 4:15. I had written it off at this point and then…… Marty showed up and paid me $500!

I wrote out a receipt with the balance to be paid on Monday, Dec. 13th. Thanks Marty and I hope I see you Monday for the rest.

Talked to the owner and her order guy at the other location and they told me they had never heard of Cinco or Marty Hill and that besides, all there chimney liners are handled through the guys I talked to yesterday.

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Do I owe Marty an apology?

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After further investigation, I have found another, though distant, location for our local steel vendor. I will follow up tomorrow and see if Marty has in fact ordered from these guys. If so I take some of it back, but not all. It’s still been a nightmare.

Nice huh? And professional.

This is the physical address listed on our contract with Cinco Roofing Co.

3634 Decoursey, Covington, Ky

empty except for a desk and phone book!

And now for the address on their website….

vacant house

My. what a beautiful vacant house you have here for your corporate headquarters! A vacant house and a website is all there is to Cinco Roofing.

These are the known phone numbers for this comapany




859-261-0290 (also associated with “roofs-r-us” go figure)

These guys are also all over the internet in Clermont county, Ohio, and not in a good way. CLICK HERE for reviews

They were previously known as Ace Roofing and Chimney apparently.

I also came across the name “Professional Exteriors” on 6176 Benneville St. Cincinnati, Oh, in Mt. Washington in my inquiries. I’m putting this up at the risk of implicating the innocent. Let me know if I’m off base here. I apologize in advance if that is the case.

So Don’t trust Marty Hill. Eric Hill, Keith Hill or anyone associated with Cinco Roofing or Ace Roofing and Chimney.